Full Review Price Smartphone Android Infinix

Full Review Price Smartphone Android Infinix - Although including the new as we gave above, but can be called Infinix been able to compete in the local market, especially gadgets. As well as the launch time of its first cellphone sales in Indonesia, do Infinix working relationship with one of the biggest e-commerce company in Indonesia to sell its products at that time was Infinix Hot Note. On June 24, 2015 Infinix can do flash sales with 2800 units of smartphones using only period of 28 minutes.

Price HP Infinix is ​​one among the appeal and argument why hp besutannya quite liked gadget users. Infinix can provide sufficient quality that includes terms of specifications, but it can provide a more affordable price than other classmates hp. Quality and affordable prices that make Infinix following has a place in the hearts of those who want to buy it. Like so long ago he had also remove Infinix Hot 2 X510 called an Android phone, this phone is supported immediately on Google as the developer of the Android operating system.

Although the specifications are not able to convey that he is the high-end smartphones, but with frills and claims priority Android One Android operating system upgrades throughout the two years. after its launch their own advantages so definitely him. With the low price people can feel a most recent operating system performance in hpnya, not often we get a kind of a smartphone from this Android Infinix.

Infinix Mobility or more in the know premises Infinix name only, which is an electronic company under the auspices of TRANSSION group based in Hongkong Shenzen, R $ D in Shanghai as well as the design came from France. Infinix founded in th. 2013 to make the expansion issue that is unique to open his business to markets in Africa, Europe and the Middle East. Infinix so do not do sales of its products in China, but he managed to market the gadget in the countries on the continent of Africa, Europe and the Middle East. There are two main Tokong behind suksenya Infinix company in marketed products namely Andy Yan Jiang as president and CEO Benjamin Infinix Mobility.

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