Price Xiaomi Redmi 4 Prime Android Full

Price Xiaomi Redmi 4 Prime Android Full - Xiaomi redmi 4 Prime exception has a specification that is quite superior, also were equipped with superior features as well. One of the excellent features of Xiaomi redmi 4 Prime is appropriate for that feature Finerprint Scanner pillowcase. This feature is a security feature to protect the confidentiality of data users. As a locking security feature previous smartphones that use pattern or password, the difference feature uses the fingerprint as a security key to more secure.

To hold power in the smartphone battery capacity of 4100 mAh wear. These batteries can be equipped with cutting-edge features as advantages. Feature Fast Charging come there are fill in excess Xiaomi 4 Prime redmi this. This feature brings fast charging means to charge the battery until it does not take hours of waiting time. Unfortunately the battery field has a drawback, which is on the type or the type of battery used is still non-removable. Battery type troublesome when the smartphone is popular because maslaah naturally can not be separated.

In the storage medium, Xiaomi Redmi 4 Prime is equipped with an internal memory of 32 GB with the ability large enough to store a lot of personal files. even if the internal memory is very large, Xiaomi redmi 4 Prime is still providing a slot for adding an external memory that can store up to 128 GB of memory capabilities. The size of this memory capability when in the mix will produce so large storage room that can hold up to several thousand files main photo or document to another.

Switching on Xiaomi price redmi 4 Prime. Price Xiaomi redmi 4 Prime bandrol with prices so cheap. Even the price was so friendly with lower class people. for those lower classes who want advanced smartphone with a low price, so Xiaomi redmi 4 Prime is fit for you. Estimated prices on offer Xiaomi Prime redmi 4 is approximately at the rate of Rp 1, 9 Million. Shortly prices more or less sold secondnya 1. 7 Million USD only.

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